Facial Rejuvination

Over the years, the skin and especially the skin of the face, undergo an aging process both internally in the supporting structures and positioning of the fat, and on the external component with reduced elasticity and collagen. This situation is aggravated by sun damage, smoking, facial expressions and common positions taken by each patient. Then folds and fine accented lines appear, plus lax eyelids, cheeks, jaw line and neck.

The facelift or facelift surgery seeks to remove the excess tissue and reposition the tissues that have fallen to their original position, Thus reducing the visible signs of aging. This surgery should treat the superficial tissues, and the deep tissues, and it is advisable to combine it with the management of cervical tissue or cervicoplasty for best results.

Daily activities can be resumed in about two weeks.You also must follow certain specific recommendations for example to avoid the sun during the first three months to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation.

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