Buttock Augmentation

With buttock augmentation surgery we search to modify the characteristics of the buttocks, increasing or decreasing its size, raising or giving a better contour.

The buttock augmentation surgery

The gluteoplasty requires careful evaluation because we have to evaluate the anthropometry of this area since the morphology is given individually by the insertion of the gluteus maximus and available hip bone. If you require a small increase scientific papers are showing good results with autogenous fat infiltration. However if you require a larger increase is better contemplate getting a gluteal prosthesis. In no case should one resort to injections of other substances such as biopolymers, hyaluronic acid or any other, due to the fact that these are described as having many complications and rejections.

Buttock Augmentation Surgery or Gluteoplasty

This procedure takes about two hours and can be performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The access path to place the implant can be done by the cleft being almost invisible. You can place the implant under the fascia muscle or under the gluteus maximus.

After surgery Buttock Augmentation

The next day you will feel tired and experience pain, this pain is controlled with medication prescribed by Dr. Navia. it is recommended that you lay on your tummy to relieve pressure. Use of pool should be avoided durring the first 2 weeks due to the fact that this favors for infections. Other sports and fitness activities can take place again after the 3rd, or 4th week after the gluteoplasty. You may experience a decreased sensation or tingling in the thighs but this only occurs during the first week. Progress can be uncomfortable in the first weeks.You may also require massage.


There are risks and effects associated with Gluteoplasty which are not very frequent such as hematomas (bleeding), pain: which is controlled with medication and muscle relaxants. Infection (rare), this can be presented during the first week, the antibiotic prescribed by Dr. Navia limits the possibility of an infection forming. Some patients may present seroma (accumulation of fluid) in the surgical wound but this drains quickly.

What is the price of a buttock augmentation surgery?

Dr. Navia can only estimate the price of the buttock augmentation after seeing the patient in consultation. If you want to know what is the price of a buttock augmentation , please ask for a consultation or write to Dr. Juliana Navia to do an evaluation of your case.

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