Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgery in which the breast size is reduced. It consists of drying up of the glandular tissue and skin giving a new shape and position.With breast of a proportionate size the bodies silhouette gains more harmony. Plus, this surgery comes with alot of functional benefits, Such as improving back pain, groove brassier pressure, and skin lesions in the breast folds. This is a procedure in which drooping breasts are corrected, and also the downsizing of the mammary gland. It applies to women with large (hypertrophy) or drooping(ptotic) breasts.

The amount of breast tissue in proportion to weight changes, pregnancy, and hormonal changes. The ligaments and the duct system in the mammary gland will stretch so the breast falls within. There are many reasons why breast hypertrophy occurs.On one hand there are hormonal factors at the time of development of women, after breast feeding which consist in larger breasts. Some genetically have breast overgrowth gigantomastia.

Another factor to consider are conditions such as obesity which increase the fatty tissue in the mammary gland thus increasing its volume. In all cases the breast or mammary gland adopts a lower position on the chest wall losing its youthful appearance.However, the characteristic of a healthy adult woman involves a slight fall, differing these with the breasts in an adolescent development.

In some patients breast size can have an impact on your back causing pain. But to reach this diagnosis it is first recommended to rule out other common causes of back pain such as obesity, poor posture, muscle weakness of the abdominal muscles much like the back. In other words, if you have a healthy weight, adequate muscle strength in the abdominal muscles and back pains persist you may perform this procedure as a functional procedure and is usually covered by health firms.

Otherwise this falls under the procedures considered cosmetic. Breast reduction surgery searches for a various amount of objectives such as positioning the areola and nipple and improve breast shape by reducing the size of the mammary gland.

This size reduction represents one of the most limiting procedures due to the fact that this should not affect or risk the nipple. Finally the mammoplasty reductions searches to best situate the scars that are needed to organize the left over skin thats left after removing the gland. the patient will have a scar in the shape of an inverted T in which the horizontal portion is hidden submammary level and vertically in the lower pole, L-shaped or periareolar according to the technique used.

The surgery lasts between 3-4 hours and is done under general anesthesia. It may be an ambulatory procedure or it can also be done with hospitalization, this depends on what the patient prefers. It is very important to discuss your expectations with your plastic surgeon.Improving the appearance of your breast involves scars in order to relocate the breast to a better position and to have a clear concept of the desired final result. Your surgeon will do everything in their power to make sure that these scars are in shape,but a high percentage depends on the type of scarring and skin quality.

Before Breast Reduction Surgery

You must be clear about the volume you want in your breasts and the presence of scars. It should be clear that the size reduction is limited by the risk of altering the nipple irrigation. Moreover, breast reduction decreases the size of the cup of her bra but not the outline. In other words, it is expected that a D cups, Passes to be a B cup. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your health, medical history and assess the importance of breasts. Discuss all your expectations regarding the surgery with your plastic surgeon and he will advise on the best option, alternatives, constraints, risks and care methods that should be taken .

If you smoke, use drugs like aspirin, anti-inflammatory, vitamin E, corticosteroids or spontaneous bleeding or prolonged tell your doctor, this is important to avoid complications in surgery. Cigarette smoking or corticosteroids may decrease the blood supply to the skin promoting the suffering of the skin, or even that the skin does not maintain stable circulation, thus turning necrotic, meaning that the skin dies, and turns a black tar color. It is therefore important to stop smoking and corticosteroids 2 weeks prior to this, whether the latter can not suspend or lower your dose is better to postpone the surgery.

After the breast reduction surgery

The day after surgery you will feel tired and experience pain in the chest, which is easily controlled with medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon.The surgeon may stop drains that will be removed in the next 24 to 72 horas. A good part of the activities may resume to the 3rd – 5th day after surgery. You must use a flannel bra, 24 hours a day, no less than a month, to give you your breast the best healing experience while healing internally, this will also limit the pain. The stitches will be removed around the 14th and 20th day. Using the pool should be avoided the first 4 weeks due to the fact that this may favor infections. 3 or 4 weeks after the surgery you may retake Other sports and fitness activities.

May have decreased sensation or tingling in the breasts, but this in a couple of weeks he has to return to normal. You may experience decreased sensation and tingling in the breasts, But this should ware off in a couple of weeks. The scar will be reddish and hard for about the first 6 weeks, But after, depending on the care methods that you have taken, it should soften and turn a pale color, depending on your healing. If this does not happen it might be necessary to use silicone sheeting and corticosteroid injections for it to become soft, flat and pale, If its necessary 6 months after the tension is gone, it will be assessed to see if its worth checking up on the scar and getting a better result.

Warning Signs

You should be concerned if you have a sudden increase in breast volume, if you have pain that does not go away with painkillers, fever and pus in the wounds.

Complications of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a safe procedure in respect to others. There are effects associated with surgery, the most common are:

Bleeding,hematoma (rare), it is recommended that the first two days the patients rests in order to avoid physical exertion.Infection (rare) Pain is controlled with medication. Infection (rare), if it can be presented to the first week, the antibiotic prescribed by your plastic surgeon limits the possibility of this. If this happens,it may be up to the first week, the antibiotic prescribed by your plastic surgeon limits the possibility of this.

Asymmetries: It is proven that two halves of the body are different and in some cases right breast may be slightly larger and the areola will be alittle lower that the left one, or vice versa. Also, depending on your healing, wide scars may be present or the breast might fall again.

This surgery not only lift and / or decrease the volume of the breasts but try to balance these asymmetries. The outcome will depend entirely on your tissues and healing. It can also often require another resection if you find the size of your breast is still large.When you are looking at information about a specific plastic surgery procedure it is important to understand that the circumstances and experiences of each individual are unique, including the way that each of the tissues react.

If you are considering plastic surgery ask your plastic surgeon for further information in particular and what you can expect from this procedure.

What is the price of a breast reduction?

Dr. Navia can only estimate the price of the breast reduction after seeing the patient in consultation. If you want to know what is the price of a breast reduction , please ask for a consultation or write to Dr. Juliana Navia to do an evaluation of your case.

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