Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck Abdominal plastic surgery is a surgery looking to improve body contour and restore aesthetic abdomen by removing excess skin and tying the abdominal wall muscles. Abdominoplasty is achieved with a flat stomach and a smooth silhouette through incisions in the lower abdomen and resection of excess skin and fat. The scar of abdominoplasty is located under the underwear and its length varies according to the size of the resection to be performed. Patients who undergo Abdominoplasty Abdominal Lipectomy can be managed as outpatients or hospitalized a day according to the medical evaluation. Daily activities can be resumed after about 12 days.

Abdominoplasty or Abdominal lipectomy is performed in both women and men.

Abdominoplasty Surgery time

The average surgery time is 2 to 4 hours depending on each case. In abdominoplasty an incision is made at the level of the pubis (where the scar will be), By the lower abdominal crease, skin is lifted, and excess fat will be dried. In this moment the exposed muscles are treated with stitches to define the shape and return the tone to the abdominal wall. Finally proceed to suture the skin, leaving drainage tubes to prevent the accumulation of fluids. Usually the patient is hospitalized by medical criteria. Usually this procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Inform Dr. Navia before plastic surgery

It is important to inform Dr. Navia about drugs if using any (contraceptives, aspirin etc.), Also on diseases (phlebitis in the legs, digestive disorders, recent flu states etc.), Which may influence Abdominoplasty or Lipectomy. If you decided to have surgery, Dr. Navia will give you a series of pre-operative instructions about foods to eat, she will let you know to avoid alcohol and some drugs. If you smoke avoid it at least 2 weeks before the Abdominoplasty. Not be exposed to the sun before and after Abdominoplasty surgery since this promotes inflammation and accumulation of pigment in the scar.

It should be clear that the sagging skin does not improve with Abdominoplasty or Abdominal Lipectomy.

After Abdominoplasty or Abdominal Lipectomy

Avoid prolonged periods of time in bed, Or, walk short distances with frequent deep breaths to prevent pulmonary complications (accumulation of secretions and infection).
On postoperative day 1 of the abdominoplasty it is convenient to keep the legs bent with support.The abdomen is swollen and will feel discomfort which is controlled with pain medication. Dr. Navia will recommend the use of a spandex girdle and schedule the removal of stitches and drains. The return to everyday activities may resume gradually the second week postoperative recovery of the abdominoplasty. During the first 3 months of abdominoplasty scar is thick and red, but with proper management, it will enhance it’s look. The end result of this will be seen only after 6 months, you May have decreased sensation or tingling in the lower abdominal area, you will recover this sensitivity in a few weeks. you may also feel pain when sitting as the abdominal muscles contract, this pain will go away with the passing of the days, do not forget that you can see the sagging areas from the rearranged fat.

What is the price of a tummy tuck?

Dr. Navia can only estimate the price of the tummy tuck after seeing the patient in consultation. If you want to know what is the price of a tummy tuck , please ask for a consultation or write to Dr. Juliana Navia to do an evaluation of your case.

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